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For the past 30 + years, David Weinhart, owner & founder of Ambrosia Audio & Video in L. A., California, has the record of surpassing client’s expectations.  Let us help you make the most of your home in whole house audio, dedicated Theaters or Listening Rooms, Great Rooms, video, lighting, automation, system design, networking & Wi Fi and service and trouble shooting. We are fully licensed & bonded and have more options and the needed experience and staff to handle anything for a simple add on or a huge project. David has been a pioneer in the field of AV integration for more than 20 years. He's received numerous awards and served thousands of satisfied customers from all walks of life... more


In The Groove KA-RC-1 Ultrasonic
Record Cleaning System

This may be the finest Record Cleanrer ever made (comes complete all you need is regular 70% Isopropyl Alcohol & Distilled Watter. more


The Parasound JC 5 Stereo Power Amplifier $5995, available early summer 2018

The Halo JC 5 is Parasound's new, ultra-high performance, 400 watt per channel, Class A/AB, stereo power amplifier. We are very proud of this latest achievement of Parasound engineering in concert with legendary audio designer John Curl. more


The new REL 25 Receives Home Cinema Choice
5-Star Rating

The REL no. 25 commemorates REL’s 1/4 century building the finest sub bass systems in the world. We have a matched pair here that can be auditioned by appointment. more


Synergistic Research New Galileo UEF Digital Interconnects Now Available.

Galileo UEF Digital interconnects were the last cables engineered in the Galileo UEF series and encompass all Galileo technologies adapted and voiced especially for digital transmission... more




For twenty years, Salamander Designs has been passionate about designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality and customizable entertainment furniture.

Creating functional furniture that seamlessly integrates your lifestyle with today’s technology is their mission.  They consider their Design Philosophy to be the perfect fusion of visual design, functional engineering and solid craftsmanship. more



PowerCell 12 UEF SE 2016 Soundstage!
Ultra Power Conditioner of the Year

Written by Howard Kneller

In 2003, I asked a representative from Synergistic Research why, unlike many other cable manufacturers, the company didn’t make a power conditioner. The rep stated that, despite Synergistic’s many models of interconnect, speaker cable, and power cord, head designer Ted Denney had yet to discover a power-conditioning technology he thought worth developing..... more soundstageultra.com

Call for "once in a lifetime specials” pricing as territory & prices need to be qualified for these very special deals.

Bryston 3B3 Pro Version Black 19” same as non Pro version but has added definable volume controls (new with warranty) regularly $4,995 Please call for your very incredible new price !

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