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PARASOUND JC 5 Stereo Power Amplifier $5995,

available early summer 2018


The Halo JC 5 is Parasound's new, ultra-high performance, 400 watt per channel, Class A/AB, stereo power amplifier. We are very proud of this latest achievement of Parasound engineering in concert with legendary audio designer John Curl.

Our reason for developing the JC 5

Our John Curl-designed Halo JC 1 mono block is acknowledged as the benchmark for amplifier performance and value. Stereophile awarded it 2003 Amplifier of the Year and has honored it as a Class A Recommended Component for fifteen years - far longer than any other audio product.

For years, Parasound customers and dealers around the world have petitioned us for an alternative amplifier: a John Curl-designed, Halo stereo power amplifier which would save them money and space. Developing a stereo amplifier in this league was a formidable challenge-the kind we relish. We challenged John Curl to distill the essence of two JC 1 mono blocks into a single chassis stereo amplifier with a more attractive price.

What we achieved

Our Halo JC 5 stereo amplifier is profoundly powerful.and supremely musical. John Curl's signature appears discreetly on its front panel honoring his considerable role in its development. The JC 5 will delight the ears and wallets of serious audiophiles and music lovers alike. With exquisite performance and compelling value, the JC 5 is the new amplifier benchmark.

Specifications and Features


  • 400 watts @ 8 n RMS, both channels driven
  • 600 watts @ 4 0 RMS, both channels driven
  • 200 watts @ 8 0, in bridged mode
  • Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl
  • Ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation
  • 12 watts per channel pure Class A power
  • 90 amperes peak current per channel
  • Stable with speaker impedance dips to 1.5 o
  • Balanced inputs with discrete circuits
  • CHK lnfinium, custom 5-way speaker binding posts
  • Neutrik locking XLR inputs
  • Vampire gold-plated RCA input & loop output jacks
  • Direct-coupled signal path, no capacitors or inductors
  • DC Servo and relay protection circuits
  • AC turn-on inrush surge protection with relay bypass
  • Dual-mono input stages with ± 110 volt DC rails
  • JFET input stage, MOSFET driver stage
  • 24 beta-matched 15 ampere, 60 MHz bipolar output transistors
  • 1.7 kVA shielded toroid power transformer
  • Independent power supplies for left and right channel input stages, driver stages, output stages
  • 8,000 µF Nichicon filter caps for input stages
  • 132,000 µF Rubycon filter caps for output stages
  • Harris hyper-fast soft-recovery bridge diode rectifiers
  • Automatic turn-on by 12 V trigger or audio sensing
  • 4 rack space chassis with rear carry handles
  • Rack mount hardware is included
  • Premium quality 9' (3m) detachable IEC power cord
  • 12-gauge, with silver soldered connectors

Synergistic Research New Galileo UEF Digital Interconnects Now Available.


Galileo UEF Digital interconnects were the last cables engineered in the Galileo UEF series and encompass all Galileo technologies adapted and voiced especially for digital transmission. Because digital cables are unique in their transmission of an analog signal that is ‘interpreted’ as digital on the receiving end, it took longer to optimize their performance across a wide variety of digital formats before they could be perfected.


Developed and voiced over an 18 month period, Galileo UEF Digital cables enable state-of-the-art digital systems to recreate the full scale and holography of the recorded event with breathtaking realism to surpass the world’s best analog playback systems. Handcrafted Galileo UEF Type 1 Inductive Cell encased in Carbon Fiber to filter digital noise outside-the-signal path through an inductive process that includes Graphene and UEF Tech.  Galileo Tuning Modules are provided to voice your Digital Cables to your system. Choose between the Silver and Gold Galileo Tuning Modules that allow you to create a fine-tuned balance that perfectly matches your system and personal tastes. Finally drop your system’s noise floor clear out of site when you optionally ground Galileo UEF Digital interconnects to a Synergistic Research Ground Block, or with the included cable to Ground connectors. Available in AES/EBU and SPDIF, each engineered to their exact application for a digital cable that is highly evolved, absolutely neutral, musical, and holographic.


AES/EBU is built from 9 separate geometries running in parallel consisting of (1) Galileo Digital Silver Matrix geometry, (2) UEF digital Silver Matrix geometries, (2) Handmade Pure Silver AirString geometries, (2) Handmade Pure Tungsten AirString geometries, (2) Handmade Pure Copper AirString geometries.  All 9 geometries are individually sheathed to cancel resonance and improve flexibility.


SPDIF is built from 5 separate geometries running in parallel consisting of (1) Galileo Digital Silver Matrix geometry, (1) UEF digital Silver Matrix geometry, (1) Handmade Pure Silver AirString geometry, (1) Handmade Pure Tungsten AirString geometry, (1) Handmade Pure Copper AirString geometry . Each of the 5 geometries are individually sheathed to cancel resonance and improve flexibility.


Global MSRP
US $2,995/1m each - SPDIF (RCA)
US $3,495/1m each - AES/EBU (XLR)

Bryston proudly introduces the new BDP-3!

A New Reference in High Performance


Bryston's new BDP-3 replaces the BDP-2 as our flagship high resolution digital player. Lets see what's changed:


What's new:

  • Brand new main board with extremely fast Intel processor and 8 gigabytes of internal memory means way faster startup times, much quicker library updates, improved user interface responsiveness, and plenty of horsepower to spare for additional features to come.
  • USB 3.0 ports have been added to further improve the speed at which the BDP updates music libraries stored on USB 3.0 attached hard drives and SSDs. A total of 3 USB 3.0 ports and 5 USB 2.0 ports are available to maximize connection possibilities.
  • An all new totally separate USB bus is included to enable even greater compatibility with USB DACs. Specifically, those that utilize Streamlength protocol such as Ayre, Wavelength, Audioquest, Berkeley, and more can now have USB storage and the DAC connected on entirely separate controllers.

What's familiar:

  • The precisely machined aluminum dress panel and high quality steel case look similar to our BDP-2 and BDP-1.
  • Sound quality remains world class. The audio output remains based around the IAD (Integrated Audio Device) we introduced in the later runs of our BDP-2.
  • As with all full size BDPs, the BDP-3 is powered from a high current low noise linear power supply which protects the integrity of the high frequency digital audio signal path by not exposing it to an on-board switch mode power supply.
  • The price is USD$3495 - a mere $200 increase over the BDP-2 means the new model will continue to be the standard bearer in digital audio playback without breaking the bank.

van den Hul Crimson XGW Stradivarius MC Cartridge 0.9mV. Now on display !

Hot Tip: Today David Shreve our mobil Analog expert & David Weinhart did a cartridge shoot out and were floored by the liquid natural sound and this needs to be on any serious Analog listeners short list !  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !


The van den Hul Crimson XGW Stradivarius is a top performance custom hand-built moving coil phono cartridge. A crossbreed of van den Hul's Canary and Condor cartridges, the Stradivarius is the latest creation from A.J. van den Hul.


"The Crimson XGW Stradivarius is the best balanced cartridge ever built by van den Hul!" - A.J. van den Hul


The van den Hul Crimson XGW Stradivarius MC Phono Cartridge features a Koa Wood Body treated with 400 year old formula Stradivarius lacquer that gives it a rigid, hard shell that results in superior sonics and an amazing sound! The Stradivarius also features a relatively high (0.9mV) output, 24 karat gold coils, a Samarium-Cobalt magnet, extended channel separation and superb tracking ability!



• 24K Gold Coils

• Proprietary van den Hul 1s Stylus

• Boron Cantilever

• Koa Wood Body treated with 400 year old formula Stradivarius lacquer



Output: 0.9mV

Stylus Shape: VDH 1S

Stylus Radii: 2 x 85 Micron

Frequency Range: 5-55,000 Hz

Tracking Force: 1.35-1.5 Grams

Anti-Skating Force: 0.4-0.6 Grams

Static Compliance: 35 Micron/mN

Tracking Ability: 70-80 Micron

Channel Unbalance: Less Than 0.3dB

Channel Separation: Greater Than 36/30dB

Stylus Tip Mass: 0.32 Milligram

System Weight: 8.75 Grams

Load Capacitance: Non Critical

Load Impedance: 25 Omhs-47 kOhms

Optimum Load Impedance: 25-250 Ohms

Effective Tonearm Mass: 10-16 Grams

MC Resistance: 13 Ohms

the new REL 25 is by far the finest Sub Woofer I’ve ever heard !

The REL no. 25 commemorates REL’s 1/4 century building the finest sub bass systems in the world.  The new all out assault the No. 25 has the looks, sound & easily surpasses every other sub woofer we have heard by LARGE margins.


The No. 25 produces low frequency with improved accurately that delivers a degree of pitch definition we only dreamed possible and the best interface and remote we have ever experienced.


No. 25 combines the power of an ultra-reliable 1,000 watt amplifier, with a lightweight and perfectly balanced carbon fibre 15” driver. All this is controlled by our legendary filter sets and proprietary crossovers with 2 separate parametric equalizers permitting remarkably flat in-room response, while maintaining the speed and resolution for which modern RELs have become known.


REL wants their customers to enjoy all this performance without being limited to only a few room locations, so they built-in their legendary LongBow™ wireless receivers into every No. 25. This design utilizes zero compression, resulting in stunning dynamics and bass extension without being tethered to a cable, while delivering sound quality comparable to their competitor’s hardwired designs. It’s just another example of how REL strives to offer complete and thoughtful solutions.

Playback Designs Merlot DAC "Positive Feedback Brutus Award Winner"

Playback Designs Digital Analog Converter Integrated DAC / Headphone Amp


The Merlot is a new design from ground up and borrows elements from the existing 5- and 3-series product lines and combines them with new technologies in a novel and cost effective package. Like all Playback Designs products, the Merlot was designed from the inside out to maximize sonic performance which is competitive with many much higher priced converters and often even outperforms them.

With its many unique features it is the center piece of the entire Sonoma series. It ties all the various products together, the Syrah Music server, the OpBox disc player and the Pinot ADC. There is no audio format, no sample rate that cannot be played on the Sonoma series, even analog audio can be played. And then there is recording...a feature that is not commonly associated with playback. This system gives the Swiss Army Knife a new meaning.


 • Up to 384kHz PCM and up to 11.2MHz DSD

 • USB, AES, Coax, PLink inputs

 • Headphone output with separate volume control

 • Balanced and unbalanced line level outputs

 • Differential discrete DAC (standard “Playback Designs” architecture)

 • Software upgradeable by end user

 • Recording software for file creation on computer

 • Weinhart Design considering 2016’s digital product of the year award !

DirectStream Memory Player now accepting pre-orders!

Announcing the long awaited DirectStream Memory Player (DMP from here on out) now available for wholesale pre-orders with first units shipping in early December 2016.


After years of development we are proud to offer our first universal transport.


This transport is revolutionary in several ways, not the least of which is its extraordinary ability to extract more from a CD than you ever imagined, as well as the ability to hear the SACD layer as the mastering engineer did.


The player is one of the few on the market which can output the native DSD layer of SACD to a PS Audio DirectStream series DAC for proper conversion

CD layer playback is unlike anything you've ever heard thanks to 5 years of study of our previous PerfectWave memory player design

Even those without the I²S connection for the native DSD layer are able to listen to the SACD DSD layer an external DAC at 8 additional bits of resolution than Red Book CDs

Ability to output 5.1 surround in native DSD via three coax or I²S ports

Front-loaded USB port reads all popular formats


The MSRP for the DMP is $5,999.


Technical details on the DMP can be found here.


There are a limited number of units available for December shipment, contact me to reserve yours today!

The New Bryston BLP-1 Turntable

Never say never. Even one year ago, Bryston said that the company would never build a turntable. What changed? While developing the new phono preamplifier models BMC and BMM, the wide bandwidth and low distortion of these new gain stages reminded Bryston how breathtaking and fresh ‘high resolution’ vinyl playback can be.

So Bryston turned its attention to the source. Each feature represents an effort to engineer remarkably accurate vinyl playback by holding exceptional speed stability and mitigating resonances. One such feature is the included Bryston BTP-1, a Bryston designed pulse width modulation power supply which powers the BLP-1 motor and holds it to exceptionally accurate 33-1/3 and 45 RPM.


Other features include:

• Tonearm featuring seven-segment titanium arm tube with integrated headshell is virtually immune to cantilever borne vibration

• Belt drive with on-board PWM synchronous low speed / high torque motor achieves perfect belt tension and coupling to platter without

added noise

• Innovative hardened carbon-steel spindle and ultra hard bronze bearing polished to 0.02mm tolerance

• Dense 35mm thick Delrin platter with integrated record mat damps non-musical vibration yet preserves incredible detail

• Unique vented plinth both eliminates platter turbulence and prevents


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