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HFT Acoustic Treatments

Buy 2 get 1 FREE


Purchase any two packs of HFT, HFT 2.0, HFT X, HFT Speaker Kit or HFT Wide Angle in March and receive an additional pack of equal or lesser value free.

About the size of a shirt button, yet powerful enough to transform the way you experience music, HFT’s improve nearly all aspects of system and room performance. With HFT’s your speakers and room disappear leaving you with nothing but a live holographic musical event in your listening room, or living room. HFTs oscillate at high frequencies creating an energy field in your room that overpowers room vibrational distortions to correct phase and frequency interactions for harmonic balance in your treated room. You hear an increase in depth and width, with clearer more extended highs, and tighter bass. Everything sounds more live, clearer, and more natural than you could ever imagine.

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10 pack - $499 MSRP / 5 pack - $299 MSRP


The original HFT's will make up the bulk of your HFT acoustic treatment. Most rooms are recommended to start with 15-20 standard HFT's. Your speakers and room will disappear as your soundstage expands into a realistic and holographic representation of the musical event with improved frequency response from top to bottom.


HFT 2.0

5 pack - $299 MSRP


HFT 2.0's are added to your room's existing HFT installation to create warmth and musicality. A combination of standard HFTs, HFT 2.0 and HFT X will provide the most balanced results..



3 pack - $299 MSRP


HFT X's are added to your existing HFT installation to add focus, resolution and air. A combination of standard HFTs, HFT 2.0 and HFT X will provide the most balanced results.


HFT Wide Angle

Available packs:

HFT wide angle 3 pack - $399

HFT wide angle combo pack (2x Standard 1x X) - $499

HFT X wide angle Each - $199


HFT Wide Angle's are added sparingly to a room already treated with HFT's. With a wider and more powerful dispersion pattern, they dramatically increase your sense of immersion in the sound field while expanding the scale and dimension of your soundstage.


HFT Speaker Kit

6 pack - $399 MSRP


HFT speaker Kits come with (2) Standard HFT's (2) HFT 2.0's and (2) HFT X's or enough to treat (1) speaker. The combination of the 3 HFT types is ideal for most speakers. With easy to follow placement guidelines you will dramatically improve your speaker's ability to disappear in your room with tighter bass, improved mid-range clarity, and smoother more articulate highs.



Free items must be ordered at the time of purchase. Items that are added on after the original order will NOT qualify. Cannot be combined with other offers.


Offer is valid until March, 31st, 2019



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