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Tranquility Base UEF

with NEW Atmosphere X USB Free


Purchase a Tranquility Base UEF (Silver or Black)

and receive a NEW 1 meter Atmosphere X USB FREE.


Optional upgrade to the New Atmosphere X Reference USB ($1050.00 MSRP) or Galileo UEF USB ($2995.00 MSRP) and get a $650 credit toward that cable.




Purchase a Tranquility Base UEF XL (Silver or Black) and receive a NEW 1 meter Atmosphere X Reference USB FREE.


Optional upgrade to the Galileo UEF USB ($2995.00 MSRP) and get a $1050 credit toward that cable.


All audio components internally generate noise that interferes with your music. Eliminate that noise and you increase low level information retrieval for each component placed atop a Tranquility Base isolation platform. Originally designed for notoriously noisy computers used in audio systems, Tranquility Base was later found to benefit all electronics, even the world’s highest performance amplifiers, DAC’s, and pre-amplifiers. No other isolation product eliminates intra-circuit distortion caused by spurious EM and RF fields, only Tranquility Base, and only from the mind of Synergistic Research.


Tranquility Base UEF - 110V MSRP - $2250

Tranquility Base UEF - 230V MSRP - $2750


Tranquility Base UEF XL - 110V MSRP - $3250

Tranquility Base UEF XL - 230V MSRP - $3950


The new Atmosphere X USB was designed and voiced with a single goal, to convey music with low-level detail and an emotional connection without any of the drawbacks commonly associated with the digital format. To this end, we use our propriety UEF Graphene shielding with a direct to ground connection for a dramatically lower noise floor than is possible with a non-direct grounded shield. For faster and more linear burn-in as well as higher performance, we include a new conditioning process first developed for our Blue fuses. Atmosphere X USB cables are among our first cables voiced with the new test criteria that enable us to achieve ultra resolution with a unique degree of musical purity and smoothness along with all the traits we’re famous for like a low noise floor, high resolution, and holographic realism. Additional features include a new conductor alloy and a new shielding matrix selected in double-blind testing where they excelled in low-level detail retrieval and tonal accuracy, with a dramatic new level of high-frequency extension that is always musical, and never fatiguing. When compared to our previous award-winning Galileo LE USB cable, the new Atmosphere X USB sounds more natural and convey’s a more realistic holographic soundscape with improved dynamics, at a fifth the price!


Global MSRP - $650 / 1 meter


The new Atmosphere X Reference USB like it’s little brother is voiced to deliver natural musicality so you’ll enjoy listening for hours, even when streaming on Tidal and Spotify, with no loss of resolution or soundstage scale and realism. To this end, our highest performance Atmosphere X Reference USB cable comes equipped with a ground plane running from tip to tip and a shield that can be tied direct to ground for the lowest noise floor possible. Engineered to work with included Blue and Red UEF Tuning Circuits you fine-tune the sound of your system from the precise detail and air when using the Blue circuit, to musical warmth and liquidity when the Red circuit is connected. Other design features include UEF Graphene Shielding, a new conductor alloy, a new Atmosphere X Shielding Matrix, and a new conditioning process first developed for our Blue Fuses. The sum of these design decisions created a USB cable that sets a new standard for ultra resolution and holographic scale combined with a stress-free emotional connection to your favorite music.


Global MSRP - $1050 / 1 meter

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