Sunday, October 11th, 2-8 PM: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society held it’s huge October Event in conjunction with our Open House at Weinhart Design in the scenic hills of Bel Air.

Marc & David doing the presentation to a packed room.



Marc Schnoll B&W’s West Coast Sales Manager was here to conduct the West Coast debut of hot new Radically improved & re-designed Diamond 3 Series Loudspeakers. Weinhart Design has on hand the new 802’s, 803’s, 804’s, and 805’s. Weinhart Design pulled out all of the stops and debuted B&W 802’s now $22K and the hype and our high expectations were very satisfied.  Ultra high end loudspeakers just got much better and the values they offering are simply something to adjust to as the B&W 802 Diamond3 speakers are truly a world class reference speaker and all of the new Diamond3 speakers.


B&W claims that the new 800 speakers are a serious “Game Changers” and the biggest improvement since  the Nautilus Speaker’s debut 21 years ago are all true. After listening, we agree the B&W speakers continues to be the best reasonable line of loudspeakers to be found anywhere and to set new industry standards of what is possible regardless of price. Sales are brisk and B&W is already back ordered on all of the new 800 speakers.

Weinhart Design’s showroom packed with excited listeners.



Weinhart Design’s new Demo 802’s the first pair on the West Coast front & back.



Marc & David


So you ask how do the 802 Diamond 3 sound?  Well the upper bass is the best I’ve ever heard (better than any other speakers I’ve heard anywhere at any cost) and they are fast, image spectacularly and remarkably only -3db at 17Hz and flat to 20Hz.  The numerous changes made, make the 800 series a game changer for sure. Anyone looking for a speaker from $6K to $22K look no further and call Weinhart Design and come in to experience them for your self. Hearing is believing !

Carver Amazing Line Source Speakers


Bob Carver, the man, icon & genius



Weinhart Design and our esteemed guests were excited to meet and have Bob Carver a living legend here to present his latest creations including the cost effective and TAS "Golden Ear" winner The Amazing Line Source and Carver Crimson 350 Tube Mono blocks. Bob presented his world class new speakers the Amazing Line Source, with matching sub, external adjustable crossovers intro priced only $14,995 going up shortly to $17,995 powered by his “right sounding” 350 watt mono blocks. They delighted the group and a few purchase commitments were made. We had a fun and educational session with Bob Carver the man, icon and genius.


Bob’s new speakers are by far the best line source speaker I’ve ever heard and I have had a lot of the best here in my showrooms including the Dali Megaline and no other line source loads a room, has the tonal balance or imaging these breath taking speakers easily produce. Every style and scale of music sounded wonderful but Classical & Rock are scary good and they are capable of playing louder (great at any volume) than any other speaker I had in my showrooms! The packed room was incredibly impressed as are all of the visitors that have come in to listen to them.  These speakers while adjustable are best in medium to larger rooms but with the adjustable crossovers the heist highs, highs and the towers woofers have adjustable levels on the crossover to help a end user match their room and room size.


FYI: The towers come with a $6,000 Carver designed powered sub, level controlling external crossovers and are only 5.75“ wide & 7.75“ deep and 80“ high (sleek and stream lined) and are seriously beautiful. If that wasn’t enough the powered sub is a flat design designed to fit under a couch or table.


Bob Carver introducing Robert E. Green, a top reviewer for The Absolute Sound



To top off the excitement Robert E. Green discussed his RAVE Review in The Absolute Sound (perhaps the best rave speaker review I’ve ever read) and also answering questions. You owe it to your self to READ Robert’s review, one could not ask for a stronger review.


Now if that wasn’t enough Robert E. Green did a live Violin demo (see pictures above) playing his violin with the the Amazing Line Source & REL 212SE sub for a true test of live vs recorded music.


Bob’s powered sub is more than competent but we delight in what’s possible here and used my favorite sub the REL 212SE @ www.rel.net and ENIGMAcoustics Soppranino Supper tweeters for a little extra.  It’s no secret that we love the ENIGMAcoustic Tweeter (ambient recovery device) & think almost everyone would be delighted with adding one in their system. As always we used Synergistic Research’s, interconnects, power cords, conditioning, tweaks, sound treatments including the Atmosphere, Black Box & HFT wall treatments.

The ENIGMAcoustics Dharma D-1000 Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones $1,190 (the finest headphones I’ve heard under 3K) & matching Athena A1 Headphone amplifier $1,490 were available to audition with Wei Chang the National Sales Manager here to answer questions.

Carlos Yguico, "The Mayor of Mountaingate Country Club" enjoying the sonic bliss at Weinhart Design.



For fun and to try to keep the overflowing guests happy, I hired “The Gong Guy” for a  audio experience second to nothing I’ve ever experienced and offers a relaxing experience I want to share with my guests. We had Guy Douglas will be demoing his auditory magic outside and we hope to have the time for many of you to experience something I feel you will not forget and experience a new live un amplified true sonic reference !

We Raffled off:


WIN Carver's VTA 20S “BLACK MAGIC” Tube Power Amplifier regularly $2,100 (as new in Cherry Red).


Win B&W P-7 Headphones! $400. Their Best!


Win top LPs, 20 in the raffle.


Win 12 album downloads from HDtracks and DSD Super Hi-Rez!


Win Three HiRez SINGLE ALBUMS of Your Choice From High Definition Tape Transfers!


Win 3 AIX Albums of your choice from iTRAX!


Win valuable NOS tubes!


Win Music and Audio Guide by Dr. Mark Waldrep!

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