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From our Archives Weinhart Design Reference system 2005

This the big reference system featuring, from left to right: Velodyne 1812 sub, Golden Ear winner Magico Mini II’s or Magico V-3, powered by mono block BAT VK-600M SE’s, Sooloos Music Server going into my favorite DAC the newly upgraded Stahl Tek Vekian, isolated by a Equi=Tech balanced conditioner, BAT REX Reference Pre Amp, Aesthetix three chassis 32-tube phono section conditioned by the TARA Labs AD-10B conditioner and Golden Ear winner and Harry Pearson's favorite, out-of-this world, the unshakable Clearaudio Statement. A 750 pound cost-no-object table. Plus the Statement TT-1 linear tracking arm with my favorite cartridge the Clearaudio Goldfinger. We were the only dealer in the U.S. where you could hear it!


All cables the best of the best from, Tara Labs: Zero interconnects, Omega Gold Speaker wires and Tara Labs ISM One and The One Cobalt Power Cables.


This system represents what is possible. We believe it creates an experience that is easy to believe is happening live, like a time machine. For me it’s a heck of a lot of fun to hear Miles Davis or any of my favorite performers at their best and have it feel like they are playing it live for me in my room. Please accept our invitation to experience it for your self. Please note it is always best to call to set up an appointment.


Photographs on the walls from Gill Mares. All part of the current exhibition at Weinhart Design.

Our beloved reference Statments turntable with well known audiophile and The Absolute Sound reviewer, Don Saltzman. Friend and classic music authority and record collector. It should be noted that great minds think alike and Don owns and uses as his reference the Statement Turntable, arm and Goldfinger cartridge along with same Aesthetix 32-tube phone section as his analog reference in his home.


David standing in front of the cost no object, ClearAudio Statement turntable. Weinhart Design is the only dealer in America with one on display as well as one of the few privileged people in the U.S. with the new improved Goldfinger II cartridge.

From left to right: Principal and Designer for Aesthetix: Jim White who created the Aesthetix Phono stage filled with 32 tubes for the ultimate analog preamp; Garth Lehrer, Principal and President of Musical Surroundings, US Importer Clearaudio and other fine brands including Pathos and representative for Aesthetix; David Weinhart, Owner of Weinhart Design; Robert Suchy, CEO and designer for Musical Surroundings GmbH.

David standing behind the Meridian DSP-5200 digital active speaker $13,995 (We're a Meridian Premium Partner, their hight level dealer) and Dali’s Euphonia MS-4 , Euphonia MS-5 and Helicon 800’s. These fine speakers represent what is possible in a speaker from $8,500 - $14,300. Please note we have virtually everything you should be considering in speakers from in-wall-designs from Sonance , Dali and Meridian to free standing speakers starting at only $900 and in-wall from under $100 each.


David standing by some of the most impressive Tweaks available. This is a vast and sometimes mysterious process that can have profund effects on your music and soundstaging. For more explanations please visit out tweaks page.

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