Who said there are no younger audiophiles ?


“Here is the response of a new younger audio file we’re working with and what he had to say in regards to receiving is Synergistic Reserch cables and our help in remotely dialing in his system”:


Well. So much to report.  First on placement.   Like you suggested I moved everything forward off the front wall. Now instead of the drivers 3’3” off the front wall. The backs of the speakers are. Moved MLP back same distance and matched toe.  All I can say is Holy Shit.


Just what you said happened.  Sound stage became Deep as it was already wide.  Space around the performers became more prevalent.


Wow. I thought the way I had it was great.  It was closed in big time. Now so much more air.


Now as it regards to break in.  I don’t know what the hell happened but my wife and I heard it at the same time and looked at each other.  So... first we were listening to Kind of Blue and let me just say I get it.  What a spectacular piece of music and one we shall discuss sometime.


So started at the beginning and pushed play. Dynamics off the bat were amazing. The space and placement of the instruments were epic. We could tell this was a special piece of music and just relaxed into it. About midway though Flamingo Sketches all of sudden it was as if someone gave everything 25 percent more power.  The resolution bloomed and the highs and detail leveled up. It happened literally from one note to the other.  Wife and I looked at each other and wondered what the heck it was.  I thought perhaps it was the recording.  So we finished the last few mins of the track and I immediately started from the beginning and we listened to the whole thing again.  This time we had an amazing experience.  With our eyes closed it almost brought tears to our eyes.  It was as if Miles, Coltrane and Evans were there with us.  Eerie almost.  Yet an amazing experience.  Since that moment of the bloom everything sounds better with the greatest gets being the lifelike detail and air around instruments and amazing resolution.


This game can make one think you’re going crazy.  In a real good way...


Thanks for all your good humor and guidance.  Music had taken on a whole new meaning in our lives.







Even with hearing aids Cables make a big difference:


I want to share my experience with Weinhart Design and David‘s help changing my cable brand from Audioquest to Synergistic Research. I can finally hear and enjoy the authority, transparency  and holographic sound that I as a deaf person have strived to experience. I have struggled to enjoy the sound quality because of my deafness. I have invested a lot of time and effort to train my brain to hear the sound and using the latest hearing aids and with Synergistic Research products and proper guidance,  I can finally hear that music can be a deeply emotional experience  instead chasing the “perfect sound” aimlessly.  I realize that Audioquest is a popular brand but clearly hear more and enjoy a deeper experience with Synergistic Research.


I have been striving for a deeper experience for quite sometime but I understand that everyone has their own styles of listening. In my quest for better sound I found David at Weinhart Design and with his help I’m experiencing something I never though possible.


I’m elated that technology has evolved so much since I wear hearing aids and finally can hear a wider spectrum of the sound and a lot less compression making this a remarkable experience indeed. Now, I can deeply enjoy listening to music.


When I changed the cable brand to almost all Synergistic Research, I was surprised to finally experience the sonic illusion of the singer and band in space. I applaud Synergistic’s tunning bullets and better sounding cables making it possible to adjust the sound to my preference of warm or extra clarity and fast. So the more I listen to music it helps me understand a lot more about sound and like David said, different recordings do make big differences. Synergistic Research and David have helped me in my quest to enjoy music on a deeper level.


I have been audiophile for over 30 years and I enjoy my system and listening to music more then what I thought was possible.


Listening now is one of my passions and even the cables help me make listening a better experience and help me to enjoy a better quality of life.


I have been striving for a deeper experience for quite sometime but I understand that everyone has their own styles of listening. In my quest for better sound I’m happy I found David at Weinhart Design and with his help I’m experiencing something I never though possible.


So, thank you David so much for helping me. I have some interest in upgrading my speaker cables and let me know and we can talk more about it.


Thank you again and stay safe,





"Thanks David it was just like you said Synergistic Research 12 UEF Is “ the Best Conditioner "


Hi David!


Got the 12UEF SE installed last Thursday night....first impressions after 24 hours freaked me out a bit.....I got an improvement in noise background and a little better detailing but my sound stage shrunk....I've noticed ALL SR products I've incorporated seem to take about 100 hours to settle in to my system so I just left it alone and got after it a bit last night with 75 hours on it...soundstage has opened up nicely,  lower noise floor and much greater inner details, better layering and instrument placement....I would say the sound stage is a bit higher and deeper as well.  A very noticeable improvement was in vocals...I can pick up greater details, inflections and that sort of thing....the whole is a greater sense of realism...oh and the decay!  Holy mackerel! Just beautiful the way notes hang in the air...pretty cool over all upgrade.  I'm a happy guy. Looking forward to spending more time in the listening room tonight!


One further point that should be made....my system was already very a black background, highly detailed and resolving....so to be able to say I'm hearing things in my "go to" cuts that I've never heard before is truly shocking!



"Treat to the EAR’s"


After knowing David Weinhart for many years I can truly say his knowledge of audio is truly a 'treat to the ears'. His core expertise is listening to your needs, wants, and desires and delivering products and services that are truly top notch for your respective budget. David takes the time to select products from manufacturers such as Synergistic Research and Parasound that deliver on their promise to elevate your home audio system to new levels of sonic bliss. I used to be a non-believer in non traditional components, however, when you take home the products from Synergistic Research after listening to David tout their benefits to your system you will not want to return them!


Over the many years I have known David I can trust him to offer honest and fair used equipment that is exactly as it is described and delivered.




"Glad I Found you!"


Dear David!

Just a small note to say a HUGE thank you! As a musician, it is important to me to have the best sound system for me. As a female, it is important for me to be taken seriously. We spent time together in your studio discussing my tastes and needs and you put together a wonderful musical soundscape of matched equipment to meet those needs that wasn't a Kings Ransom! WOW! You don't know what you have missed until you have the Right System!!! In addition, you were able to save my Father's turntable as part of the system, a fabulous and meaningful legacy!


I want to thank you and the Crew for taking the time to get to know me, responding so positively and your professionalism in every way! You have one very happy customer, or should I say friend! I am so glad I found you!


With music,





His personal humility and patience are only matched by his professional knowledge and passion.


David Weinhart has that rare combination of current state of the art knowledge/guidance on all things audiophile (digital and analogue) and the ability to personally connect with you no matter where you are on your journey of assembling a system. He has spent time with me patiently asking questions and offering a POV on the humblest of purchases. He never pushes his opinion, or a brand, or a product. But he always helps me choose what is best. One example is I purchased a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC and Bridge from Weinhart Designs. Running 24/96 digital files, or even standard redbook CDs, straight into the DAC/Bridge gives me dynamics, clarity, warmth and magic that rivals my $15k vinyl rig. I have complete trust and affection for his counsel and the way he engages with me. My system has never sounded better! His personal humility and patience are only matched by his professional knowledge and passion. I am an Human Resources executive with Nike, so I know talent when I see it.




Colorado Audio Society Visits WD


In the middle of July, my wife and I spent a week in California on vacation.  We traveled from San Diego to Santa Barbara with a stop in Los Angeles to visit Dave Weinhart.  I had met Dave at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a few years ago and always thought it would be interesting to visit his showroom.  I talked my wife into taking a few hours on our way to Santa Barbara to pay him a visit.


Who is Dave Weinhart you ask?  Dave founded Ambrosia AV and had three stores and about 28 people working for him.  Due to the changes in our industry and uncertain financial times, his singular store now is Weinhart Design with a new emphasis.  He has been around long enough to see the shift in our industry from two channel audio to home theatre and now to home automation.  Dave loves high-end two channel audio but offers a full range of services including automation, surveillance, distributed audio/video, lighting control, media room design and build, home theatre, and high-end audio systems.  On my visit, Dave had just recently returned from a short vacation only to encounter some plumbing problems and still he was gracious in letting me visit in spite of the short notice and bad circumstances.


Dave and I conversed while he rushed to move a large shipment of PS Audio equipment around so they didn’t interfere with the listening experience.  We sat down and listened to a system consisting of Magico M-5 speakers, Clearaudio Statement turntable, Bryston 28B amplifiers, EAR 912 preamplifier, and Running Springs power conditioning.  Digital audio was provided by computer with either the PS Audio PWD or Stahl Tek DAC.  The system was very dynamic, controlled, and relaxed in a very positive way.  On another wall there was an assortment of Dali speakers, Meridian electronics/speakers, and varied other components.  The room dimensions are about 27 feet by 32 feet, give or take a few feet.  The ceiling height is about 12 to 14 feet high and provided a large space to fill.  Trust me, filling the space with sound was very easy with large speakers and 1,000 watts of power.


What I enjoyed the most, was the fact that we concentrated on the music and not the sound of the equipment.  Dave engaged us by having us try to guess each artist and song.  He had picked various tunes that showcased the system and different aspects of the sound but our focus was on enjoying the music and identifying the artist, album, and song.  This approach emphasized an enjoyment of the music without emphasizing the “sound” of the equipment.  The truth of the matter was that the “sound” of the equipment enhanced the music which is exactly what you want to achieve in an audition.  How often do you go to a showroom and they tell you what you should hear?  Do you feel like they are treating you like an imbecile?  Dave emphasized the love of the music and the equipment only as a means to achieve the music.  What a great concept for a salesman in an audio store.


The sound was truly outstanding.  It was loud and dynamic with great PRAT as well as totally relaxed and real sounding.  The musical selections drew you in and made you want to hear more.  I came away with a sense that he demos this way due to his love of music and his desire for visitors to have an enjoyable experience.  He isn’t about the equipment of the month club but about good solid value from respected companies.  His 30 years of experience makes him somebody who can be trusted to offer “real world” advice backed by hands on experience.


I find it very educational and fun to see what dealers are doing around the country.  Los Angeles is a mega-metropolis in which Weinhart Design has established itself as an ultra high-end audio shop that can do it all.  I give Dave Weinhart the highest marks for knowledge and passion around our industry.  If you ever have the chance to visit Weinhart Design, stop in, listen, and be prepared to really enjoy yourself.


Brian Boehler




Hallelujah! My Gorgeous Helicon 400 Mk II's finally installed!


This is heaven on earth! I have been listening all night, they are absolutely gorgeous to listen to and to look at. I have played Supertramp’s best, I have played Oscar Peterson’s album “We get requests” (while playing along myself for fun…) and right now I am listening to lots of new and old recordings of my kids from school and from band performances (I have four girls aged 13 to 21, and the three eldest are eager vocalists). I am a huge fan of acoustic instruments, especially vocal, grand piano and base – and they are rendered beautifully with these speakers. I am the happiest guy in the street right now, and there is no WAF here anymore to stop my joy, so I can enjoy endlessly. Anyway, with or without wives in the future, these speakers will be the last thing to be carried out of this house, and certainly AFTER they have removed me myself….


Thanks a lot!

Hearty regards from Claus




Rundown Magazine raves:


If you need more Bruce Wayne-style gadgets and effects (at Bruce Wayne-style prices), David Weinhart builds complex systems that are easy to use. Aside from high-performance screening rooms, he'll design different speaker zones, integrate security cameras — even make your aquarium's temperature and pH remotely adjustable via Internet.




Life’s too short for second-best


I have dealt with David Weinhart, founder and former owner of Ambrosia Audio & Video of Los Angeles, since 1996. Over the years, I have auditioned and purchased many high-end 2-channel audio pieces (speakers, amps, preamps, digital, cables, power, etc.) from him. On every occasion, he offered excellent advice while carefully considering my desires and sonic requirements, even to the extent where I occasionally chose other options. This kind of attention to detail and service is strangely a rarity in the high-end stereo industry, where one would think that the prices involved with this caliber of equipment would virtually compel proprietors and sales staff to wait on customers hand and foot.


In terms of actually handling his clients, I have found that David is equally adept at listening to the customer as he is at listening to the gear. In my case, I take a rather different approach to 2-channel than most; preferring speed in the electronics and ultra-coherence in the soundstage. This is in contrast with most listeners who prefer a somewhat “softer” presentation from their systems (a characteristic particularly popular with high-end gear in the late ‘90s and beyond). So, while my requirements were well outside the mainstream, he clearly understood what I was after and how to go about achieving it.


David is among the ranks of audio professionals who understand the connection between hearing the music (as in live performance) and hearing the playback system, and how the two worlds can actually overlap with the correct synergy between selected system components. While this “live ambience” characteristic is often cited as the grail of holistic system assembly, my extensive experience as a musician and audiophile has shown that many system designers fall rather short of the mark. David has taken this (perhaps Quixotic) quest as a personal challenge, and simply excels at it.


Buyers often face the issue of what to do about putting the finishing touches on their dream systems once the main components have been determined. Many dealers are content to merely recommend the latest preposterously overpriced flavor-of-the-month box, cable, or tweak, for which they of course just happen to be the local representative. David is known for finding exceptional price-to-performance values in the market, thus providing meaningful cost-effective options after you’ve spent your guzillion dollars on those oh-so-magical components (for one of many examples, he was among the first retail proponents of Harmonic Technology products) . . .


Certainly, my own quest for the ultimate system is not over, and I’ll be in the market to upgrade a few pieces in the near future. As has been the case in recent years, the first call I’ll make will be to David. Simply put, if one is serious about good sound, one should start with good sound advice. I can tell you that good sound advice starts with David Weinhart at Weinhart Design. Life’s too short for second-best.


Regards – A. R. Molloy





Someone Who Cares


I purchased my V3's from Weinhart Design in Bel Air, California. I would like to compliment Magico for choosing David as one of their dealers. He is one of the most knowledgable dealers that I have dealt with in over 30 years of audio buying.


Not only does he advise you on purchases but he REALLY CARES about his clientel. I have not found a more personable dealer that knows his business as well as David.


Needless to say,I have FINALLY found the right dealer for me!! Loving the Music from my V3's.


Jay Wolf




Real Men do play with Dollies…


As audiophiles we continue to search for perfect components. The process is very budget intensive and often requires us to live alone as marriage often produces “Bose-like” solutions. Moreover, audiophiles are lovers of listening to equipment but not always music lovers. I fall into the category of both.


Once upon a time:


The wife and planned on building a huge theater room onto our house. I had blueprints and everything acoustically and electrical considered. As he housing market became questionable we decided to scrap the idea for several years. Like any good husband, I began purchasing “large” amplifiers, speakers and the associated electronica ahead of construction. All of this was now destined for a well sized living room.


Then I met David:


My first action was to get rid of approximately 300 lbs of amplification followed by 400 lbs of speakers of which David helped me do very efficiently. David first recommended a solution of Jeff Rowland mono-block amplifiers and to match them with Dali Speakers. The Rowland mono-blocks were great with my existing speakers so step one was complete. I really discounted David’s recommendation on the Dali speakers and went on a quest to find the right speakers. Maybe the name Dali was too much like “dolly” and big boys with big toys don’t play with dollys but for some reason – I went off looking for 6 months. I listened to a whole bunch of stuff from the $2K to $15K range.


David sat me down and made me listen to the Dali line. It wasn’t until then did I understand why he liked these speakers. Being an engineer does not help me in that I have a tendency to listen with the intent to find the flaws in equipment and to see what I would improve. What I did here was enjoy some music as opposed to taxing my already over analytical mind to find design flaws. I just liked the music I was hearing. So I purchased them and set them up at home.


A lot of nonsensical text has been written about the “experience” of listening. Here I won’t go into all the additive rich jargon. Ill quote David's words as I found them to be true “no one does the high frequencies like Dali”. And yes they have all the “slam” for rock and movies and subtleness to do classical very well. These are great speakers all around and at a good price point. The finish on the Helicon series was so impressive my wife had the interior designer friend of our match furniture to them.


Happily every after:


David has been a good friend and trusted advisor thru this process. He spent the time to listen to what I needed to accomplish and even made a stop at my home to get a better understand of my needs. I doesn’t get any better than David.


Dali is a great speaker line and anyone looking needs to give these a serious listen.




David Weinhart is Back !!!!!


I saw David and checked out the $150,000 Clearaudio statement turntable and WOW !!!

Talk about equipment lust !


Pared with MBL electronics and the MBL 116 Radialstahler speakers, I was transported into the recording venue.


Every record that I heard I felt that I was hearing the master tape. All of the information on the record was heard. At times on some recordings it sounded like a real Sax and drum set in the room. While not 100% like a real instrument in the room because of the limitations of the mike being used and placement etc. what WAS there …It could trick you into believing that instruments where really was in the room.


A Sinatra recording put me in the recording booth at Capital Records with the vintage ribbon mikes used on Sinatra’s vocal. You could hear 3 distinct tracks as recorded back them , Vocal Brass and rhythm section.


On Art Pepper plays, the drums with brushes was in the room. The sax on the left was a real sax playing in the room and not a recording of a sax.


It was spooky. If the lights were out you would swear it was live. Remember in Star Wars where Luke is watching a hologram message. You see the person there in 3 D ?


Well it was like that with Audio !!


We are starting to blur the line between recorded and live sound !


You must check out what’s possible. You will not believe what you are hearing.



Gus Kund




You want knowledge...You want David


In October 1994, I called the manufacturer of a “hot”, new digital-to-analogue (D/A) converter that was getting a lot of “buzz” in the high-end audio press. In anticipation of a business trip to the Los Angeles area, I asked the manufacturer whether he had a dealer in that area. He gave me the name of Ambrosia Audio and Video in Bel Air, California. Ambrosia was founded and operated by David Weinhart.


I called Ambrosia on the Friday afternoon after my business appointments. David answered the telephone. I told him the name of the D/A converter I wanted to hear and the type of equipment I used (solid-state electronics and dynamic speakers). I told David that I would be returning to the East Coast the following Sunday. He invited me to visit on Saturday afternoon.


When I arrived at Ambrosia I met David. He was with another customer (Saturdays are popular with audiophiles). He offered me some refreshments and we chatted for a bit. Apparently he gleaned from our brief conversation that I was not a novice (I had been the high-end audio hobby (“obsession”?) for ten years). David sat me up in a room with the equipment I wanted to hear and gave me access to his CD collection. He gave the remote control unit to me and told me he would return shortly.


After about twenty minutes David returned. I explained that the D/A converter, although quite good, was not exactly what I had in mind, sonically. After we talked a bit, David told me he had a recently introduced D/A converter designed by Ed Meitner: the BiDat. We listened. We talked some more. Although the BiDat was significantly above the price point I had in mind, I bought it.


A few days later the delivery company arrived at my door. I received the BiDat and installed it into my system. However, the BiDat and my CD transport did not play well together. I called David. After we talked about the problem and performed trouble-shooting exercises, he made me a deal on the CD transport, also by Meitner, that I could not refuse. It was then that I knew we would have a long and mutually advantageous audio relationship.


This story is necessarily long in order to describe adequately the level of service one can expect from David Weinhart. In the subsequent 12 years I have made many purchases from David at Ambrosia. He has introduced me to groundbreaking products before they became popular with the audiophile press. His recommendations have always been on-point. CD players, DVD players, speakers, electronics, cables, isolation devices, power conditioners - anything I could think of and some things I could not. Indeed, David has discouraged me from purchasing popular and “pricey” items that he did not think were good performers.


| have referred several friends to David. Some were experienced audiophiles. Some had never heard of interconnect cables. They have engaged in many transactions and spent thousands of dollars with him. Only one of these people has ever met David in person. None had auditioned the products (the neophytes had never even heard OF the products). However, without exception, they have praised David’s knowledge of audio and video and his professionalism.


So what do you want in a high-end audio/video dealer? You want knowledge: someone who has his or her finger on the pulse of the industry and knows the products. You want integrity: someone who will not sell you something you don’t need and will warn you if you insist on making an ill advised purchase. Someone who actually listens to what you wish to achieve with your system and makes recommendations in the price range you have chosen. You want David.


David Weinhart is the consummate audio/video dealer and an all around great guy. I wish him the best in his new venture: Weinhart Design.


Dexter M. Price

Orlando, Florida

September 12, 2006




I have not encountered a single person who has been more helpful to me

than David Weinhart


I'm relatively new to the world of high end audio, having made my first quality purchase only four years ago. Since then, I've learned much, discovered countless brands and models, features and specifications. enough to make a novice utterly confused and dishearteningly discouraged. But being an avid reader and a passionate enthusiast in anything that kindles my interest, I welcome the opportunity to dive into yet another hobby/obsession.


I'd be the first, however, to acknowledge that I require guidance. Thus, I must rely on the experience and wisdom, insight and imagination of others. And in my, albeit brief, quest for knowledge and that ever-elusive "perfect" sound, I have not encountered a single person who has been more helpful to me than David Weinhart. I was not fortunate enough to have known David during his time running Ambrosia AV, of which he was the founder and owner, though even I had been aware of the company's solid reputation. Now at the helm of his latest venture - Weinhart Design -David is available once again to guide enthusiasts on,their seemingly never-ending journey, their quest for audio nirvana.


David's knowledge is unsurpassed in this industry. He simply knows what components work best in any particular situation. There is no one perfect solution, and David knows this well. The same system will sound different to different ears, appeal at varying levels to various tastes. David listens to my specific needs. He is helping me create a pure two-channel music system within a larger audio and video system that in no way compromises my music, which will always come first. I had considered creating two separate systems, at greater cost and use of space, but David has convinced me that having one integrated yet separated system is best for my particular case. There are those who possess the space and the means to have two or more systems, and more power to them. However, David has shown me there is no compromise in having it all in one room.


My system is not yet complete, and David and I have much more business together to come. That quest continues, and may never end, for me. I look forward to finding what treasures lay beyond the horizon, and to the excitement of the chase. And along that lengthy and winding path, I know I will always have David Weinhart to lead the way. Thank you, David.


Ben Chiang




I've been doing business with David Weinhart for over 15 years


MBL is clearly in a whole different catagory in speakers and electronics.


I've been doing business with David Weinhart for over 15 years and have enjoyed owning many of the best products available mostly purchased from David. The speaker highlights were the monstrous Dunlavy SC-6's, SC-5's and SC-4's used for stereo and surround sound. Afterwards I upgraded to the Revel Salon speakers but they still did not sound like the real thing, live music. They all sound good and were very good Hi-Fi systems but MBL is clearly in a whole different category in speakers and electronics. This is the first system I've owned that sounds like real music and if that's what you are after call David he can help you too!


I Thank You,

Don Gumpertz




Dear Weinhart Design, Inc.,


Please forgive us for not responding to you guys sooner, but the Ops Tempo of life is anything but slow these days. Even now, I’m typing this quick narrative from Langley. To the point, you and David did a positively marvelous job enabling us to add the MBL 116s to our home. I’ve been involved with just about every level of audio/video equipment over the past 30+ years & our buying experience at Weinhart Design exceeded all of our expectations. I know of only one other retailer that even comes close to the quality of service we received from David and I’ve known him for over 20 years. Your thoughtful, accommodating nature allowed us to listen to the MBLs at great length on short notice over the busy holiday season. Even our east coast residence at 3000 miles away didn’t prove to be a problem. Thanks to David’s innate salesmanship & internet expertise, we were able to get a very fair price for our older trade-in speakers. From the listening session to the final UPS shipping arrangement, you and David took great care of us and indeed treated us like family. The 116s have taken our home theater to a level I quite frankly never though we’d get to. They are magic. We can’t begin to tell you the number of jaw-drops & head-shakes we’ve gotten from our friends & family after critically listening to these little gems. We’re listening to all of our LPs and older CDs again and keep hearing things we never heard before. Walls literally vanish and the soundstage is quite palpable. Diane and I are truly in your debt and greatly appreciate all your help and kind efforts that made this purchase a wonderful “life experience”, not just a buying experience. We’ll be more than happy to give you guys a call when we’re ready to expand on our system again. Thx so much.



Warmest Regards, Matthew & Diane Bain



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