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Synergistic Research HFT 2.0 & HFT X

We are officially announcing two new HFTs- HFT 2.0 and HFT X that take the HFT concept to exciting new levels.

The HFT 2.0 is a warmer sounding transducer and HFT X has more details and resolution and both are intended to be used in conjunction with the original HFTs.


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HFT – High Frequency Transducer: Advanced Placement Guide

Since launching HFTs at the 2013 RMAF we’ve exhibited in Munich, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Newport Beach where we routinely take best sound at show. One secret to success under difficult trade show conditions? Continually evolving and revised HFT placements that build on the success of our original HFT Level I through Level IV guidelines.


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StereoTimes Review: Atmosphere and Atmosphere Tuning Module

This piece is a SERIOUS room Treatment and adjustable way to control the Atmosphere in your room and its really adds a lot to your listening enjoyment. Please make it a point to hear it demonstrated here at Weinhart Design or arrange for your own demo. Hearing is believing.


Stereotimes.com just published a professional review of the Synergistic Research Atmosphere. Quoted text was taken direct from the review, or click on the link below to read the full review…   “It’s rare to find a tweak that is not in the signal path to have such a profound effect on music reproduction” “Once you […]


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Audiostream.com Review: SR Grounding Block and Hi Def Ground Cables

This is used to enhance the earth ground in your system and improve the already incredible sound the Synergistic Research Atmosphere cables & products and as a EXTRA benefit allows a Stair Grounding of your entire system insuring the best sound possible.  It’s a must have product.  Here it here or arrange for your own home demonstration.


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HFT – HFT 2.0 – HFT X – Speaker Placement Guidelines

I can say it really makes your speakers sound better !

How to dramatically improve your speaker performance with HFT, HFT 2.0 and HFT X. Simply follow these guidelines for a performance upgrade that’s guaranteed, or your money back.   Mini-Monitors: Mini Monitor Speakers – Non Ported (Front View)   Mini Monitor Speakers – Non Ported (Rear View)   Mini Monitor Speakers – Front Ported (Front […]


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New Product: Synergistic Research – Black Box

Another mind blowing product, if you try it you will not want to return it.

From the mind of Synergistic Research's lead designer Ted Denney comes the Black Box. It was in development for over two years, the Black Box is now perfected and ready to transform your listening room.   The Black Box is an LF (Low Frequency) Resonator Array that elegantly and simply solves bass node issues in most rooms. Synergistic Research – Black […]


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StereoTimes Review: PowerCell 10 UEF & FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer and Element CTS Digital AC Cord

Clearly the best Power Conditioner we have ever used in our showroom.  If you have reasonable power it is my first choice is SERIOUSLY better power and sound and video if it applies.


StereoTime’s Mike Girardi reviews the new Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF, FEQ PowerCell EQ and Element CTS Digital power cords.   Highlights from Mike Girardi’s review: “I knew within the first 10 seconds something extraordinary occurred in my system when listening to the first first track… Cheryl Crow’s voice had a greater clarity and presence while being more true to a live performance on each cut with the PC 10 UEF installed”


“…compared to the design of many other power conditioners in the market place which contain transformers, chokes, etc. in the conductor signal path, the EM Cell acts passively to condition alternating current with differential EM fields resulting in an AC power conditioner that is non-current limiting”


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HOT – Headphone Optimized Transducer

Clear improvements are easy achieved with this product.

Headphone Transducers or HOT for short, is the new UEF headphone filter that dramatically improves headphone / amplifier performance. Nearly one year in development, HOTs were voiced with Audeze LCD-3 and  Sennheiser HD 800 stereo headphones. Amplification included a Luxman P-700 solid-state amplifier and numerous tube based headphone amplifiers. When HOT is used with your favorite […]


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Audiostream.com Review: Synergistic Research ECTs

Another way to improve almost every component.

Stereophile’s computer audio publication, Audiostream, just reviewed our latest UEF Technology, ECT or Electromagnetic Circuit Transducer. Taken directly from Dr. Plaskin’s review:


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NEW Product Release: UEF Tuning Circuits

Introducing UEF Tuning Circuits; the latest evolution of our award winning UEF Technology first developed for HFT’s, FEQ’s and XOT Crossover Transducers. UEF Tuning Circuits dramatically improve the performance of your SR Active Cables equipped for removable tuning circuits, PowerCell power conditioners, Tranquility Bases, and Galileo Universal Cable Cells. Synergistic Research UEF Tuning Circuits – […]


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Stereo Times Review: Tranquility Base

They work and are very popular with our Weinhart Design clients all over the world.

Mike Girardi of Stereo Times has just reviewed our Tranquility Base. “I’ve always thought my speakers disappeared well but with the Base energized, there was a dramatic reduction in the room/speaker interaction with respect to the soundstage portrayal” “The SR Base is an engineering breakthrough and delivers on its promised performance. Highly recommended!”   Highlights […]


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