CES Show Report 2011 Las Vegas

This years CES Hi End Audio was once again at The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas and once again overlapped with the Adult Entertainment Show. The combination of High Rollers, High End Shopping, Gourmet Food, Entertainment, Shows, Activities and Adult Entertainers walking around is always amusing. Las Vegas is a wonderful place to indulge oneself and meet up with friends and some of the most important people, reviewers and companies in High End Audio & Video.

The high end audio show at the Venetian had many new comers and a abundant amount of new, turntables, speakers, electronics, tweaks and accessories. The buzz of the Show was the New World Debut of THE Magico Q 3 Speakers and they sound WONDERFUL!
Yair Tammam, designer & principle of Magico proudly standing next to new Q-1 prototype cabinet.
Close up Q-1 mini monitor prototype.
The Magico Q-5's being powered by Solution electronics. This is a combination simply sounds R-I-G-H-T ! This is likely the most accurate speaker ever made and along with the M-5 two of the best speakers I've ever heard. Please come into Weinhart Design to audition them for your self (by appointment) after February 1, 2011 with my fine choices of electronics and sources.
Pictured left to right Richard Schram, Owner Parasound, friend and the man with the Golden Ear's Mitch Freeman & the one and only Gary Gerlich good friend and Universal Pictures, Mastering Guru. Standing next to the all new long awaited new John Curl Parasound Halo Signature Series JC-3 Phono pre amplifier under $3,000 and said to change what we thought was possible at this price point!
David Weinhart standing with friend and owner of Parasound, Richard Schram.
Bryston 28B SST2 close up with the cover off. Look Ma no wires... The secret to part of the incredible sound and new SST2 technology is the shot circuit path and the design with out any wires.
Craig Bell pictured with Bryston's display full of wonderful electronics and showing off one of the best lines in solid State electronics ! The Bryston BDP-1 is up for an award as BEST NEW PRODUCT AT CES 2011
Bryston 28B-SST2 single mono block with the cover off. It's no secrete that Weinhart Design thinks this is the finest solid state high powered amplifier made under $50,000 a pair and a steel at $8,795 each ! 1,000 powerful watts into 8 ohms and 2,000 into 4 ohms.
Magico prototype Q-1 Mini Monitors.
Bryston has their own Power Conditioners and line of fabulous products that is marketed under the Torus brand name. This is a picture of me 6'3" tall standing by their new cost no object wall unit and circuit breaker.
ARCAM's rCube, perhaps the best portable & rechargeable iPod Docking station ever made or conceived at $799 you must hear it to believe it.
Meridian known for their incredible sounding life style and cost no object products showed their new DSP-Based & self powered new monitors and matching stands the DSP-3200's shown above in White with matching stands. Above pictured Meridian's new Stereo Preamplifier for the DSP Speakers the Audio Core 200. We're a Meridian Premium Partner, their hight level dealer.
David Weinhart standing between the New & Improved Sooloos Control 15, music server, loading station and remote, display and touch pad "the best over all server system made" and the new Audio Core 200.

Meridian / Sooloos has been very busy and from the MS600 introduced last summer and now the Media Core 200 and Media Core 600, Sooloos is becoming Meridian by borrowing design features from G Series and all being built in their UK factory right along side other Meridian components. When we refer to Sooloos we are not referring to hardware, all new hardware is branded Meridian. FYI: Sooloos is a category within Meridian. We’re a Meridian Premium Partner, their hight level dealer.

Meridian’s & Sooloos new slogan is: 2011 the year of the modern music system!

Raidho Danish speakers being powered with new Jeff Rowland Electronics sound wonderful!
And I thought I was tall... Jeff Rowland & David Weinhart discussing the new improved Jeff Rowland electronics.
And I thought I was tall... Jeff Rowland & David Weinhart discussing the new improved Jeff Rowland electronics.

That’s it for CES 2011. I hope you enjoyed the reviews as much as I did chasing down the best gear whether price-no-object or best value in class. You’re invited to make an appointment to come and talk about CES and choose a system to demo. While it hasn’t been covered, Weinhart Design now offers full in house installation of the finest Home Theater equipment available. Again, in price-no-object or price conscience. We have an award winning history of superb Home Theater installations going all the way back to Ambrosia Audio – my former company. Be sure to call and come in to hear and see all the gear in our showroom.