A full service company

For the past 30+ years, David Weinhart, owner & founder of Ambrosia Audio & Video in Los Angeles, California, has the record of surpassing clients’ expectations. Let us help you make the most of your home in whole house audio, dedicated theaters or listening rooms, great rooms, video, lighting, automation, system design, networking & Wi-Fi and service and trouble shooting. We are fully licensed & bonded and have more options and the needed experience and staff to handle anything for a simple add on or a huge project.

David has been a pioneer in the field of AV integration for more than 20 years. He’s received numerous awards and served thousands of satisfied customers from all walks of life. Weinhart Design in Los Angeles, has the credentials, expertise, experience and an undying passion for high end audio to make your audio aspirations come to life. While building Ambrosia Audio & Video we quickly became the experts the decorators and builders used for their more critical clients and surpassed their expectations.

It does not matter if you have a home or business if the installation needs to be hidden or if you have a dedicated room we can offer you better choices with better options than any other Dealer.  One example is we have installed fully hidden robotic under bed lifts for large flat screen TV’s under beds and included high quality hidden sound systems that have pleased the toughest decorators and customers without compromise.

As We sell the right products and integrate music, video, lighting, music servers, Wi Fi, security cameras and phones. Let us show you a simple way to integrate systems that are uncompromising in their design, performance, and value. Our systems combine the perfect balance of art, technology, aesthetics, reliability and performance. The result is unequaled ease of use, enjoyment and satisfaction. We have chosen the finest products made, from reasonable to what is possible; you will find them all available here along with the expertise needed to make your audio and video desires come true.

Weinhart Design is consistently getting new product lines once they pass our critical evaluations for superior performance at there unique price ranges. Our lines range from affordable to price is no object.

Our clients vary from all walks of life and include well known celebrities and many well known decorators and builders. Let me share my 30 + years of experience and serve your needs and desires to integrate all the components in your home in the most elegant way possible.

Our awards and certifications range from Imagining Science Foundation of America, CEDIA member for over 6 years, rated in the top 20 custom installers in America, CE Pro top 100 for many years, top dealer for many of our lines and or dealer of the year for numerous lines.

David has been involved in the prestigious Geffen Green Project, he was hand picked for the 41st annual Pasadena Showcase. David’s clients range from the audiophile and videophile hobbyist to the top writers, directors, musicians, composers, athletes, engineers and recording studios in Los Angeles, California.

Whether you live in Los Angeles or are here on business or pleasure please come by and experience what is truly possible in the world of audio and video. We’re located in world famous scenic hills Bel Air. Just click here for a map.

For you Audiophiles & Videophiles: We have expertly guided our customers through the musical and visual experience of a lifetime. A listening session by appointment at Weinhart Design’s new Los Angeles, California showroom becomes an event as the performers are released from the confines of the recording and reveal themselves. David not only has the ear, experience and industry acclaim, he has a lifelong passion to discover and share the most respected and unique audio and video products available. David Weinhart has been featured on television and radio as the expert in audio.