Carrying the World's Finest Audio Products has its benefits

Weinhart Design always looks to the best in class audio products whether “price is no object” or” best value”. Because of our reputation we get many audio luminaries coming to our showroom to make sure everything is perfectly set up and because we’re great hosts. Below are audio designers and sales people from all over the world inspecting their audio products and enjoying the music.

(left to right) David Weinhart and Bob Carver in the Weinhart Design Studio with the Reference System
(left to right) Holger Stein and David Weinhart in the Reference System room
(left to right) David Weinhart and Bob Levi of the LAOC Audio Society in the Reference System room
(left to right) David Weinhart and Dan Meinwald of E.A.R. USA in the Reference System room
(left to right) Todd Garfinkle, President of MA Recordings Paul Gowan of PS Audio and David Weinhart in the Reference System room
Pictured left to right: Principal and Designer for Aesthetix: Jim White who created the Aesthetix Phono stage filled with 32 tubes for the ultimate analog preamp; Garth Lehrer, Principal and President of Musical Surroundings, US Importer Clearaudio and other fine brands including Pathos and representative for Aesthetix; David Weinhart, Owner of Weinhart Design; Robert Suchy, CEO and designer for Musical Surroundings GmbH.
Robert Suchy, standing by the world's finest 2-sided record cleaning machine, the Clearaudio Double Smart Matrix Record Cleaning Machine in our showroom
Standing beside the renown Clearaudio Statement Turntable also in our showroom: Don Saltzman, TAS contributor and reviewer for The Absolute Sound, world renown litigtor and classic music authority and record collector.
Pictured left to right: Rob Darling VP of Strategy for Sooloos and his trusty dog Ruby, me and Tina Metz President of JBA Marketing , Inc. Representatives of Sooloos and other fine brands

Rob Darling made a special trip to Weinhart Design, Inc. for training and to show us the new features of the Sooloos Server system. To put it mildly, Sooloos is the best of the best in Music Servers and are working on new Video options, iPod interfaces, world class picture server, lower priced units, and remote controlled options that are way beyond my wildest dreams of what can be done. What makes them even more special is the exceptional quality, feel and easy to use interface. If you want the best sound out of digital and the best interface their server is exactly what you need and the extras available now and in the future make it a must own.