A cost-no-object approach was used as the best way to offer and show the finest audio components available today. The room was designed so it can still be used for a variety of purposes with the least compromises to the musicality of the system and to hold a huge variety of components for audio, video and gaming. I brought in my favorite electrician Barry Romo and contractor Tony Cosko to help me with the project. Video and gaming…. shoot for big jobs. Ultimate installations….

The room with the sheer wall opened for the 10 dedicated lines to be run.
Closer view of the open walls.
My dog Journey overlooking the project next to some of the maple butcher block sheets.
300 pound Equi=Tech 10 KVA wall system with 10 circuits being unpacked by Barry Romo, master electrician.

There are a lot of ways to start a room design but my favorite way to start is with a proper power system and isolated ground. For this project, I choose the Equi=Tech’s 10KVA wall system with ten dictated circuits.

Closer view of Equi=Tech 10 KVA wall system.
As pictured, it took four men and a car jack to get the Equi=Tech wall system up and ready to mount.
Tony Cosko, Contractor and furniture builder prepping the mounting.
Ten dedicated JPS in-wall power cords run in the wall, getting ready for twenty four WBT duplexes.
Barry Romo trimming out the room.
A closer look at Barry trimming out the room with WBT duplexes.
Tony Cosko cutting the Maple 1.5” thick butcher block, getting ready to build the shelves.
Tony Cosko standing next to the finished shelves before installing them

For support and functionality we chose 1.5” Maple butcher block for it’s incredible strength and well known improvements in sound for audio components. The triple wide, three-shelf design holds three large components per shelf. There are two stands, one on each side of the fireplace. Together, they will easily hold 18 components without stacking, and the extra space can be used for LP’s

Charlie Taschereau helping Barry Romo install the gear.
Finished room with all work completed in one week.