Bob Carver by Popular Demand was our featured Guest speaker at our biggest event of the year at Weinhart Design’s Open House & LAOC Audio Society’s big Audiophile event on Sunday October 15th, 2017.

Bob has designed several noteworthy and critically reviewed loudspeakers as well, e.g., Phase Linear® Andromeda (later Phase) III, Carver® Amazing Loudspeaker, Carver AL-III, and Sunfire® Cinema Ribbon CRM-2, to name a few.

Bob Carver honored the LAOC Audio Society & Weinhart Design at our annual Open House & LAOC annual event. Mr. Carver “back by popular demand” was here for a second time to demonstrate his newly revised Amazing Line Source Speakers and share his thoughts, designs and answer questions and even signed Carver made products. Bob spoke about his wonderful world class slender line source  speakers design and how he accomplished improved imaging and reduced room reflections by his unique and truly amazing line source speakers and explained how and why the outboard crossover works with individual volume controls for each line source speaker, Supper tweeter, Ribbon drivers and Side Firing woofers.

We had a great time and hope you can join us next year.  This year we had an estimated 175 Audiophiles and had to have two separate presentations with Mr. Carver. We even used our parking lot for the overflow of Audiophiles and guests with tables, food, craft beers, two record vendors, Bob Done & East Wind Imports.

Weinhart Design featured a Raffle for the LAOC Audio Society. The  Crimson 350/Raven Tube Monoblocks ($9500) were a huge hit and the a generous gift .

Pictured above is the Carver $9,500 Crimson 350/Raven Tube Monoblocks (shown with the B&W 805D-3 speakers). We Raffled off the Carver’s $9,500 Crimson 350/Raven Tube Monoblocks for the benifit of the LAOS Audio Society

Craft beer was served by my wonderful son’s Miles & Dylan Weinhart and lunch and ton’s of accable free parking, huge raffle and two big LP dealers Bob Donally and Hajime Sato of Eastwind Imports offering wonderful and collectible records were on hand to keep everyone entertained.

We were filled to full capacity in the showroom requiring two serrate lectures in order to accommodate the estimated the 175 attendees along with a healthy overflow of people outside. The indoor lectures had a public address system set up inside & outside so guest could hear what was going on inside.

Bob spoke about his speakers design and how he has accomplished improved imaging from his line source speakers and room reflections are reduced by a line source and explained how the outboard crossovers works with easily adjusted individual volume controls for the tower’s Supper Tweeter, Ribbon drivers and side firing woofers.

Our Guests enjoyed Weinhart Design’s Reference system featuring:

Carver’s Amazing Loud Speakers

Two REL Reference 25 cost no object Sub woofers.

Playback Design’s DAC,

EAR 912 Reference Tube Pre Amplifier,

Pro-Ject Extention 12 & van den Hul’s The Crimson-XGW Stradivarius Cartridge (one of the finest cartridges we have heard).

Bryston 28 B SST3 Reference 1,000 watt into 8 ohms Amplifiers (best in value & sound).

All Cabling, Room Treatments, and Power condition by Synergistic Research featuring their world wide award winning Galileo Cables, Power Cell 12 UEF Reference Power Conditioner, Atmospere XL-4 and second Atmospere Standard Uniform Energy Transducers, UEF Acoustic Dots & Acoustic Panels.

The event was very well received with many Audio Reviewers including Robert E. Greene and well known famous personalities having a great time. Robert E Greene review of the ALS:

Also the Big Carver event was covered Michael Wechsberg | Issue 93 of Positive Feedback

Additionally we were debuting the West Coast’s first listening to the van den Hul “The Extender” Torsion Field Sound enhancing device.

Some of the attendees
David Addressing one of the two Groups of attendees
Bob Carver
Bob Carver & his Amazing Loud Speakers
Close up Amazing Speakers
The Raffle and Bob Levi announcing the Big Raffle for the $9,500 + pair of Carver Amplifiers.
The Lucky Prize Winner
David Weinhart Speaking to one of the two large exceited groups of 75+ Audiophiles.
David Weinhart & Bob Carver answering Questions.
The Honorable Bob Levi Addressing the Crowd
Group Shot
Bob Carver
David speaking to one of the Two separate Carver Presentations packed to the rooms libations