On Sunday, October 23rd, 2-5PM: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society and Weinhart Design had there annual Open House, Event at Weinhart Design in the scenic hills of Bel Air, 2337 Roscomare Rd Ste 1,
Los Angeles, CA 90077.

At the event we proudly demonstrated our Reference Showroom’s system featuring the debut of the B&W the 800 Diamond 3’s (these are a serious COST NO OBJECT DESIGN WITH the best SOUND AND PERFORMANCE any where new their low price of only $30k (can easily go up against speakers costing double).

The system consisted of the E.A.R. 912 Pre Amplifier and the new radically improved (best in class betters amplifiers up to 4-5 times the price) powered by the Bryston 28B-3 TOP Reference Mono Blocks, 1000 watts into 8 ohms $21,990 a pair, Bryston BDA-3 DAC (best value we know of at $3,495 rave reviews coming from TAS), BDP3-3 $3,295 Digital player & interface and their CD Transport the BOT only $1,295.

David Weinhart, owner: Weinhart Design & VP of the Society and Lifetime Member, hosted the US Premier of a hot new blockbuster TOP REFERENCE 800 Diamond3 speaker from B&W. We hosted the BEST from B&W featuring the magnificent 800 D-3 Reference speakers for the Society’s event and annual open house at Weinhart Design.

We used our reference cables the new Synergistic’s top improved 12 UEF SE Glass Top Conditioner (clearly the finest power conditioner I’ve ever heard) with a Galileo Power cord with their matching top Galileo speaker cables, interconnects and power cords (expensive but worth it if you can afford them and clearly the best sounding cables we have ever had in our system by a BIG margin) Also, we are using the Synergistic Research, Atmosphere tower (room enhancer) and HFT wall dots, and MIG 2.0’s and Galileo Power cords to round out the system making breath taking sound making far better sound that most live performances and truly representing what is possible.

Lunch and Adult beverages were served.

Mark Schnoll
David setting up our play list and getting ready for the big event.

Marc Schnoll from B&W was on hand and did likely the best demonstration and show & tell we have ever had at Weinhart Design or Ambrosia Audio & Video.  Marc showed our audience a COMPELLING demonstration of 800 speaker parts including several video’s and graphs of the old 800 & radically improved new 800 speakers cabinet resonances. Marc showed the attendees the new Diamond Tweeter housing with previous one in a demonstration of the 800 tweeter housings old & new: warning the audience that the old one has a loud ring and clanged it with a piece of medal which caused a very loud high pitched annoying ring followed by demonstrating the new improved housing with a flat hard to hear low dull sound in which the improvement and lowering of the frequency out of the very audible range was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever been shown in my 45 years as a Audiophile & music lover.  He went on to show video’s demonstrating scientific analysis of the cabinets and new improved drivers resonances (explaining the importance of the improvements and B&W’s radical and obsessive steps to improve the previous series world class 800 speakers (we need trade in’s call for upgrade specials) explaining the lowering of ringing & distortion to a point likely never obtained by any other company ever!

Mark Schnoll getting ready and a close up of Weinhart Design’s showroom and event’s display.
An example of the Video’s compelling advancements.
Some of our guests listening to a musical passage.
Marc scowing the new B&W Driver improved material (passed around).
Marc Marc explaining how the drivers were improved.
Up close and personal with a B&W 800

It should be duly noted: B&W just spent $6,000,000 Pounds in tooling and factory upgrades to make the Diamond 3 series even possible.

Marc, clearly demonstrated and explained why only B&W can and does have 12 full time Audio Engineers, pay can deliver Roll Royce quality Paint and build quality and why B&W sells 50% of all the World’s speaker’s selling for over $2,000 !

Here’s a fun link to the making of the B&W 800’s:

Rob Darling of Roon Labs

Rob Darling of Roon Labs, Team Member of both Sooloos & Roon Labs and a Audio Engineer, writer & musician, shared the latest news from Roon Labs and informed the audience with a history of Music Servers, interfaces and the basics of streaming music and Tidal see:

It is no secret that at Weinhart Design and my old company Ambrosia Audio & Video we were a early adopter of Sooloos (even before Meridian purchased the company) and of the best CD & HiDef interfaces ever made for music & sound and vastly improved it with their latest offering Roon Labs. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROON LABS (call us if you have questions) ! ! !

The Honorable: Bob Levi was on hand and as always being the LAOC & announced the new Los Angeles Audio Show and promised that it will exceed all Audio Shows and the replace the Newport Audio Show